BCX Telephone Management Systems


Splendid IT has been tasked to assist The City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (“EMM”) to utilise solutions that will leverage our Telephone Management Systems technology to improve business performance.

This includes managing the EMM Fixed Line extension expenses by providing visibility, analytics, optimisation and reporting across the Cisco Call Manager extensions. The solution is agile, flexible and cost-effective. Thus, we are able to improve external and internal customer service, reduce risks, improve profitability and enhance capabilities towards excellence.

Some of the tasks Splendid IT embarked on for the EMM are:

  • Using TMS to print statements of telephone bills
  • Generate monthly departmental reports
  • Generate reports on given extensions by Divisional Managers/ Heads
  • Obtaining new data from Departments for a once-off import
  • Consolidate new data to form one EMM telephone list for 2019

The scope of Technical Services provided by Splendid IT:

  • Management of the availability and functionality of the Telephony Management Technology System
  • The investigation and resolution of sites not collecting data
  • Escalation to the customer in the case of a PABX, network-related fault or relay data server error
  • Accurate costing and rate table update.

Daily system monitoring:

  • Reviewing the processing report to ensure that all sites have data
  • Address any errors reported
  • Verifying the consistency of the data that has been received
  • Ensure that all modules remain operational and managing of archiving systems

Weekly system management:

  • Database backups
  • Indexing of the database server and monitoring the log

Monthly system management:

  • Verifying of cost allocations (fixed and variable)
  • Service Management Function
  • Customer database due diligence
  • Complete database template for all EMM sites
  • Assist in meetings with departments to explain reports
  • Reconcile Telkom bill with TMS and provide reports
  • Train Departmental Heads to run reports
  • Validate telephone bills;
  • Eliminating unused assets, and eliminating telephone misuse
  • Measure customer response and handling time
  • Identify missed or unanswered calls and First Line support for TMS queries.